10 Reasons not to Fall in Love

10 Reasons not to Fall in Love

Linda Green
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1) I’d have to shave my legs – even in winter
2) Couldn’t get away with wearing big knickers
3) Or having spaghetti hoops for tea
4) He’d have to meet my mother
5) My boss is my ex and no man could accept that
6) Single mums are about as attractive to men as syphilis
7) ‘I’ll Never Fall in Love Again’ is my theme tune
8) Last time I was dumped for a weathergirl
9) I no longer trust men
And most importantly…
10) Can’t risk Alfie getting hurt again

Jo Gilroy gave her heart away once.
She won’t be making the same mistake twice.
In fact, she’s got 10 reasons not to fall in love.
Until Dan Brady comes along,
with some reasons of his own…

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